New Opening - Spotlight Spring'14 Designer Barbara Campbell: fashion design studio visit/interview with fashion designer of Barbara Campbell Accessories. The designer's signature mark, new and vintage accessories, eco-friendly designs with a fashion-forward twist, locally handmade in Brooklyn. You're Invited… A few minutes with Designer Barbara Campbell in The Studio + Life as a designer + New Flagship Shop Opening- Brooklyn Accessories designer - New Fashion Styles In The Heart Of Crown Heights, Off Franklin Ave.

Location: Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 11216

BARBARA CAMPBELL She’s is known for her signature design “Lucky Six” necklace. This talented Brooklyn-based accessories designer Barbara Campbell launched her line in the fall of 2007 in Park Slope. In just a few short months the line has become a big hit with beauty maven Celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal, and Eyewitness News Anchor, Lori Stokes, who purchased her pieces at the ultra chic boutique, in Amagansett, Long Island, in the Hamptons. We sat down to talk with Barbara Campbell in her design studio and it was a pleasure!

Fashion: Who is your Fashion style icon?

My earliest influence in fashion is my Cuban fashionista mom, Fina. One of my favorite necklace piece in my first collection is named after her. Her Spanish glamour and style is always current. She taught me simple is always elegant/glamour.

Work: Tell us a little about your work as an accessories designer ?

I love the design process of my accessories for my company brand which all products are handmade now in my Crown Heights fashion design studio, I recently moved my design studio to Bergen St off Franklin Ave in , Brooklyn, New York . I specialize in handmade classic techniques as well as the less traditional. These include, wire wrapping, hammering, knitting, knotting, braiding, crocheting and sewing. My design concept is to remain organic, simple and elegant. “I feel the strongest statements are made with the fewest words. I believe the same can be said for my one-of-a-kind women's accessories designs, which are all made an assembled and produced in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Favorite: What is your favorite item from the new collection spring?

I have to tell you for necklaces it's my signature piece “Lucky Six” necklace seen on fashionistas and TV personalities Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood, celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal of @MallyBeauty.Com, Lori Stokes of ABC Eye Witness News. The design of the necklace, it's delicate, feminine and very charming. My ABSOLUTE favorite!!! But let's also talk about my handcrafted bags, there are the perfect streetstyle for traveling to the office and back to city apartment and an added bonus for the weekender.

Trend: What do you think is the best style trend for the upcoming season Spring 2014?

Playing color with different textures, organic shapes and layering, this is going to be a glamorous fashion-forward cool season! Trust me ladies, it will be "fashion at it's best" with a cutting-edge!

Inspires: What inspires your work and what types of materials do you like to work with the best?

I am inspired by nature, New York City, food/wine - BROOKLYN! Here's why, I take great care in choosing my materials; considering the process of creating my accessories it's similar to a sculptor that prepares for the next piece of signature art - it's my craft and it's important for me to work with material that women will look and feel great in! Many of my designs are inspired by my handpicked selected stones, which include amethyst, geode, and onyx, which are my real favorites. I carefully select them based on their organic natural shapes. I don’t polish or mold the stones, I choose to preserve their natural shape and create delicate accessories many including gold, sterling silver chains, which gives them amazing versatility. For fabrics the touch and feel are very important to me I like organic cotton, linen, knits, and leather.

Quote: "My design concept is to remain simple and elegant. I feel the strongest statements are made with the fewest words. I believe the same can be said for my accessories designs.”

Right Now: If you could be anywhere right now where would it be? What would you pack?

I am a Brooklyn city girl at heart! But for me right now and my family, it would be a few days in Montuck, and a few nights at Amagansett, in the Hamptons. I love the beach and its waves, the stores and the restaurants. The food shops and the boutiques are amazing and always interesting just like the people. My favorite place to eat, relax and celebrity watch is Nick and Toni's in East Hampton, in New York. I always pack my white shirt and white pants but this year I am sporting my new designer black knit leggings. Of course I always pack a few of my favorite shoes, boots and my favorite fashion-forward statement pieces of accessories from my BCNYC collection.

Gift: Please list your favorite gift to give?

Gifts are great! I'm big on birthday's, avanversity and new moms.. I like to give multi colored, multi flavored, and retro candies from Dylan's, and recently Brooklyn made chocolates, and of course one-of-a-kind Barbara Campbell accessories piece from my latest collection.

Events: When and Where?

This Fall Barbara Campbell Trunk Show Hosted by Bloomingdales Soho

I love events, really exciting!! It gives me a chance to meet many people who admire my work and fans of my accessories brand, and my fashion-forward women who take the time to support me and what I'm doing, bring cutting-edge different accessories to the market and those who want to see my latest designs. I would like to invite you to Bloomingdales Soho for my trunk Show. I look forward to seeing you there, dates posted on BloomiesSoho website.

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Barbara Campbell Moodboard
Barbara Campbell at work on her spring 2014 collection
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