An Artist Grows In Brooklyn:: Part 2. Hand Made in Brooklyn:: Take the Train 2 or 3 to Grand Amy Plaza Train Stop and you find Yourself In Brooklyn, In Paris if something is cutting edge, new, and creative, they say that it is “Tres Brooklyn!”( Very Brooklyn) and Fashion Brooklyn Accessories Designer Barbara Campbell is New Brooklyn!

In Paris if something is cutting edgenew, and creative, they say that it is “Tres Brooklyn!”( Very Brooklyn).

Why? Because over the past several years artists of every stripe have moved to Brooklyn to practice their art in relatively lower cost spaces. First it was Park Slope, then Williamsburg, now Gowanus, Greenpoint, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick. Of course once a neighborhood becomes a “hot spot” the artists tend to move to the next neighborhood where space is less costly. The irony is that if the artists are successful they can price themselves out.
But the diversity of Brooklyn continues to welcome artisans/designers, whether it be photographers or cheese makers; wine makers or fashion and jewelry designers. The geography is large, the housing is available, and the people are a true melting pot of every culture. Barbara Campbell Accessories fits right into the Fashion Brooklyn scene.

        Each fashion design is one-of-a-kind and handmade in the artist Brooklyn studio

Each design, whether it be a handbag or a necklace, is influenced by the environment around Barbara
       The raw products, Crystal quartz semi-precious stones, gold, wire, etc. 
are all handpicked by the designer from local NYC distributors and manufacturers

There is no other accessories brand like Barbara Campbell, for quality, original designs and uniqueness. She stands behind each one of her handmade pieces

Barbara Campbell Accessories Carry and sold in stores::Otto on 7th avenue and 11th street (7/11) in Brooklyn, is one of her favorite boutiques

Otto on 7th avenue and 11th street (7/11) in Brooklyn, is one of her favorite boutiques and features many of her designs. Therapy Clothing, in Southampton, is another trendy boutique that carries her collections. Visit her website for dates and locations 

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