Brooklyn Accessories Design Studio Boutique Open's in Crown Heights :: Sneak Peek Inside the Handbag, Bag Maker/Accessories Designer's Studio : See Latest One-of-a-Kind Designs by Barbara Campbell, Creating Unique Handcrafted Accessories products right here in the heart of Brooklyn-New York City, Made Differently For Fashion-Forward Women! Mission - Helping Women Stay On The Edge Of Fashion With On Trend Leather Clutches, Totes, Handbags, Jewelry and *Accessories - Call For A Free Consultation 646-391-5356 -

Inside Barbara Campbell Accessories Brooklyn Design Studio - Custom Made Fashion Forward Cutting-Edge Women's Accessories Made Differently In New York, Where Brooklyn Meets Fashion
Inside Barbara Campbell Accessories Brooklyn Boutique Design Studio - 
Handmade  Fashion Forward Cutting-Edge Women's Accessories Made Differently In Brooklyn Crown Heights, New York, Where Brooklyn Meets Fashion 

Brooklyn Designers, Custom Design Studio: Handbag Maker / Designer @ Barbara Campbell helps women stay on the edge of fashion. Barbara Campbell offer fashion forward cutting edge handmade women's accessories of jewelry,  leather bags and clothing in the heart of crown heights made in Brooklyn.
This week inside Barbara Campbell fashion accessories design studio: in Crown Heights in Brooklyn off Franklin Ave - NY 11216 BKLYN globally loved jewelry, accessories - handbag maker, fashion designer, creates the #hottest custom made trend accessory, belts, original small bags, custom leather handbags and one-of-a-kind jewelry made with brass/mixed metals and rare hand-picked onyx stones a diverse collection making this fashion accessories line very popular among fashionista around the globe
Barbara Campbell, custom designs for tv personalities, fashionistas and fashion forward women in Brooklyn and around the globe; her latest accessories line made in Brooklyn, NYC is unique, eco-friendly and are making a serious impression among women in the media. "The Barbara Campbell BC girl set trends, they don't follow them. They are bright, vivacious and bold. They are contemporary and many are true fashionista. They are financially conscious, they seek quality and value. They are diverse in age and race, and they are cosmopolitan. She is confident; she likes to make a fashion statement and that's what Barbara Campbell create one of a kind fashion forward statement pieces one piece at a time in her new design studio space in Crown Heights, New York."
Barbara Campbell who started designing handbags at the age of 16 couldn't resist to restored her passion for the craft after moving to Brooklyn in 2004. Her friendly rebellious accessories design products of handmade objects of new and vintage jewelry; and distressed deconstructed leather handbags are all made to last... and each item is thoughtfully crafted, a handmade brand pioneer in the making since 2007 founded in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215 and now relocating it design studio to Crown Heights Brooklyn off Franklin Ave.
Please note: We invite you to learn more and see Barbara Campbell custom made designs, affordable luxurious looking handcrafted jewelry, quality leather bags and head turning one-of-a-kind fashion-forward  accessories as Brooklyn based designer Barbara Campbell makes them differently specializing in hand made unique creations and limited-edition designs of handbags (clutches)jewelry (necklaces/bracelets/rings) and women clothing (dress, tops, leggings) all produce in her new flagship shop studio/boutique store in CrownHeights.

Lets start our studio tour, questions and then let hear from the designer.

I love the design process of my jewelry and handbags which is slightly different categories but one process that's the same it's both all handmade in the heart of Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York. I specialize in one-of-a-kind classic techniques as well as the less traditional.  These include, wire wrapping, hammering, knitting, knotting, crocheting, braiding and sewing by hand and by machine. My design concept is to remain simple and elegant. “I feel the strongest statements are made with the fewest words. I believe the same can be said for my one-of-a-kind women's jewelry, handbag and fashion accessories custom designs made in america" my home town Brooklyn.

 I have to tell you when it comes to my custom made signature jewelry piece like “Lucky Six” necklace seen on fashionistas and fashion-forward women TV personalities Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood, celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal of MallyBeauty.Com, Lori Stokes of ABC Eye Witness News. It's delicate, feminine and very charming. My ABSOLUTE favorite!!! When it comes to my rebellious and deconstructed handbags with a bit of glam with a classic touch, I have to say Bella leather clutch zipper bag as seen on the (right below). 

Brooklyn Custom Design Studio: Barbara Campbell NYC Accessories Bella leather clutch handbag This weekend? Here's your perfect clutch featured on:


Playing with different textures, organic shapes and layering this is going to be a glamorous fashion-forward season! Trust me it will be "fashion at it's best" with an edge! Here's my custom made soft leather handbag you may want to own this season as seen on the (right below)


I am inspired by nature. I take great care in choosing my materials; considering the process of creating jewelry or a bags, it is similar to a sculptor that prepares for the next piece of art - it's my craft. My choices of stones, which include amethyst, geode, and onyx, are my favorite. I carefully select and hand-pick, touching and feeling each piece texture and selecting them based on their natural shapes. I don’t polish or mold the stones, I choose to preserve their natural shape and like to hang them from delicate 14K gold filled and sterling silver chains, which gives them amazing versatility. "MY CONCEPT IS TO REMAIN SIMPLE AND ELEGANT. I FEEL THE STRONGEST STATEMENTS ARE MADE WITH THE FEWEST WORDS. I BELIEVE THE SAME CAN BE SAID FOR MY DESIGNS.”

Brooklyn Designer in Her Custom Fashion Design Studio: Handbag Designer and Bag Maker / Accessories Designer, Barbara Campbell completes pattern on oak tag for best quality results "My hand bag pattern designs are so fun to design and make from recycled paper to "Oak Tag"- it's similar to poster board, except it is thicker and holds up; better my favorite!"
Barbara Campbell Accessories started in 2007 primarily as a jewelry design company. A couple of years ago I was trying to find a purse to carry my phone and iPad in. There was nothing interesting on the market, so I designed one for myself. I loved it!. I usually browse shops in the garment district in NYC looking for materials for my designs. Just about that time I discovered an outlet for leather skins. They were beautiful. I bought a few bundles, went home and started designing clutches, and then larger bags. Now I have a small custom made collection of both small purses for phones and credit cards, clutches for fashion, and larger handbags for travel. 
I use both leather and non-leather and some plastics. I find the colorful plastics give great contrast to the leather and non-leather pieces. I shop at small fabric stores in Brooklyn for my linings, and have found some wonderful pieces that way. My target audience are fashion forward professional women of all ages, and young fashionistas who wants an edge on fashion.
Brooklyn Handbag Designer / Bag  Maker @ I make unique women brooklyn bags with an edge of all sizes and for all purposes. Some handbags are functional, and many are both functional and fashionable. Here I am working on a clutch purse pattern design on oak tag paper best process of creating an original design at the Barbara Campbell Accessories Custom Design Studio in Brooklyn
My custom made handbag line got started primarily because I love handbags and wanted some new ones for myself! Then I decided that I also loved designing the bags, but I started designing handbags at the age of 16 and the rest is history.

I make custom made unique handbags with an edge of all sizes and for all purposes. Some are functional, and many are both functional and fashionable. The great thing about bags is that they serve a purpose and creates a great fashion statement at any time of the day. I designed one of a kind  amazing unique bags so  I don't want to forget so I take notes plus one day I did not do a pattern for one of my bag and everybody that saw the bag wanted that same bag I was showing. It took me a long time to figure out what I designed so now… it's important to take notes, in trying to recreate that was a nightmare. So Now I always take note, I make a pattern and I take a picture of all step in making a Barbara Campbell Accessories handbag. 

ABOUT THE LINE: Brooklyn Design Studio - Handbag Designer, Bag Maker - Barbara Campbell of Barbara Campbell 
Accessories, fashion label BCNYC, BC, women set trends, they don't follow them. They are bright, vivacious and bold.They are contemporary and many are fashionistas. They are financially conscious, they seek quality and value. They are diverse in age and race, and they are cosmopolitan. She is confident; she likes to make a fashion statement.

Barbara Campbell Leather Handbags Made In America, Brooklyn, NY
I actually think that my use of colorful plastics and fabric with leather of all sorts is one of my great achievements. The results were even better than I expected when I designed it in my head. The contrast of both color and material, as well as the functionality I have built into these handbags, makes it a great statement piece. I have always tried to marry fashion and function in my designs, and these bags do that 100%!

Brooklyn Handbag Designer, Bag Maker Barbara Campbell says: When I complete a flat accessories pattern design 
for my handbags and clutches in my design studio workshop in Crown Heights,  Brooklyn; 
I can't wait to try it on a yard of plain organic locally independently made fabric to see the results.
Brooklyn Designer, Handbag Maker - - See her latest bags - fashion forward!As an independent designer it's so cool! I love to create handbag pattern designs for all my new unique collections and especially for my client/customers from New York, The Hampton's and Europe; my hand bag pattern designs are so fun to design and make from recycled paper to "Oak Tag"- it's like a poster board, except it is thicker and holds up; better my favorite!When I complete a flat accessories pattern design for my handbags and clutches in my design workshop studio in Brooklyn; I can't wait to try it on a yard of plain organic locally independently made fabric to see the results.  
After sewing up my custom made sample handbag I then hand cut a small piece of real leather to complete my last cut using the same bag pattern method. I am always looking forward to wearing my latest handbag out on the town and when I do, 

I get lots of compliments and feedback on my latest creations, which helps me to test the quality and like-ability factor of my handbag design and the hand-selected fabric,  I'll be cutting and working with to hand-stitch an amazing handbag for you to love and want to wear daily in your fashion style life for women and gentlemen different style available!  

Dear readers, for more information on my custom made fashion-forward made-to-order leather handbags please watch my Barbara Campbell Accessories Handbags and Jewelry video below or send me anemail or leave me your comments here, thank you. Chat soon! 
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