Deconstruction - Barbara Campbell Style!! Handmade @ It's Best.. Made In Brooklyn!

When we say "Deconstruction", We're not tearing down walls and smashing things, but it does mean we will not follow the rules - in fashion that is! We like to create our own style, so we won't use a basic pattern or "Fashionably Correct" constructions. Instead, we like to use bold patterns and colors in a way that make us stand out, and very unique! We will not use clean lines, but create our own lines. Take this deconstructed bag for instance:

Handmade:Barbara Campbell Leather Black Stud Handbag
*BC Distressed 

We have created a clutch that is fashionable, yet does not blend into normal "constructed" lines of fashion. We like to think outside the box and be as unique as our own personal style. Let's look at this bag as well:

Barbara Campbell Handmade Leather Brown/Tan Deconstructed Purse Handbag-Made In Brooklyn
*BC Deconstructed Purse 

We have a cute little handbag that is still multifunctional, and very fashionable. It's customizable, and steps out of the box. We say, take a different approach to fashion and get deconstructed!

*These pieces and many other BC products are available at Therapy in Southampton, NY. See for store contact information.
These products will be available at in Fall '12.