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Hello my readers, Today's Sunday Brooklyn Accessories #Classes are in secession - DIY: Design your own live/work space-how to create a simple design room with (me) Barbara Campbell. To Sign-Up for my up-coming classes sign-up here or leave me a note. I hope my article blog post was helpful, any questions email me at:

Let's Begin...

Barbara Campbell shares the secret to her successful Brooklyn work space studio, here are The three "P's" formula - Three words to building and starting a design studio in NYC or around the world located in a tiny or small live/work or large pre-war industries space: 1) Planning - 2) Positioning - 3) Preparing it's the best formula that led me to a successful functional running artist studio environment, producing all my quality fashion design accessories, unique women's products and all hand made in American,  the beautiful USA. Before I get too excited about sharing with you how to build your new studio I want to chat a bit about how I started and what led me to the world of fashion high-end arts and crafts - let's get to know each other so we can relate and build you a space that you will enjoy working and designing from… 

I am passionate and  love the beaches of Montauk where I first became inspired to design jewelry

It was on the beaches of Montauk where I first became inspired to design jewelry. Stepping across the sand, I discovered the perfect natural rock and wrapped it in wire—creating my very first piece, which the world came to know and love as my signature "Lucky Six" necklace seen below: worn by TV personalities including Shaun Robinson, Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Author, and Host of "Access Hollywood", Sue Simmons, co-anchor of the “News 4 New York” newscasts and most recognized forecaster, Janice Huff meteorologist for NBC4 newscasts, Lori Stokes anchor of ABC Eyewitness News, Rosanna Scotto of Good Day New York, Fortune Magazine senior editor Leigh Gallagher, and celebrity make-up artist Mally Roncal of Mally

See my press page for images and my current jewelry + handbag collection

I am a visionary cool quirky Afro-Cuban-Jamaican-American woman born and raised in Manhattan in an urban community called Washington Heights, best known for it's Dominican population and amazing delicious foods. I studied fashion design specializing in tailoring at FIT college and for a few semesters my residence was in Chelsea at the FIT dorms.  I then went on to enjoy a decade-long career in the beauty industry. 

Currently between Park Slope, Brooklyn and The Hamptons. 
When in Brooklyn I love to eat at Frankies Spuntino and Prime Meats
on Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

My stylistic sense and thoughtful design process comes through in my handcrafted fashion jewelry + handbag line . I founded my eponymous line, in 2007 and I now split my time between working, living / designing in Brooklyn and The Hampton's. My design collections have an edgy elegant upscale urban downtown chic with a classic feel for nature. 

Currently living in Park Slope, Brooklyn and The Hampton's. 
When in the Hampton's I love to eat at Harvest on the Pond In Montauk! 

I am committed to exceptional quality and dedication to the practice of greenmanship, which is why I work with only the finest recycled vintage materials designing limited-edition and one-of-a-kind creations. I have an online boutique and my jewelry and handbags are sold in stores like "OTTO" boutique in Brooklyn and in the Hampton's at  "Therapy Clothing Southampton" 77 Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY United States 11968

I recently designed this original handcrafted black leather handbag brooklyn style purse - clutch-handmade by B. Campbell available at OTTO Brooklyn boutique  if you would like to purchase it and shop in-person at your local shop ask for it by name " Barbara Campbell"Accessories.  +Show map of 354 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11215

So are you ready to discover and design your new lay out for your cool work artist space studio

If you answer is yes lets begin….

As Seen Barbara Campbell Brooklyn Style Handbags -
New City Artist Studio Produces American Brooklyn Handmade Products 

1. Planning: Think about what type of work studio you are able to have, exp. (live/work, large pre-war industries space), what's the size of your space (weather you are converting a residential space to commercial) and are you planning to have an open studio which means, are you planning to have visitors or customers shop or view your work? Plan out the different parts of your work space area with a fashion consultant, stylist, stager, interior decorator, a local architect or DIY: where you would like your designer desk or work station in your office for designing your handcrafted jewelry and things or if your are an emerging independent fashion or accessories designer, where you would have your large cutting table for you to cut and layout your patterns for production and if you plan to sew your handmade items. Whether handbags or clothing you will need a permanent place for your heavy machinery to be stationed in a stable place. When you have done your research and have have spent quality time in your new space you start to identify your work space and then you are now ready to start investing and planning. 

When I planed my artist work space in my design studio I use all my surrounding walls to pin my inspiration starting with my current materials of  quality leather, organic canvas, zippers, hardware, trims, swatches and model images I will be working with for my fall 2013 jewelry and handbag collection:

  • Walls are an excellent canvas for your inspiration to be pinned or taped. I don't recommend glue on your wall. Having images on your wall  helps you to focus on your collection or collections:)

  • I pin what inspires me,  I love and favor creating fashion mood boards for your collection. Here's mine seen below:

Color of your artist studio work space walls - think light and airy:

  • I encourage you to think about the color of your studio work space walls: I keep my artist studio walls in satin white by Benjamin Moore paint I like to keep my environment clean, light and airy. I love capturing important projects and small reminders of store shipping delivery dates, billing + invoices and up-coming NYC trunk show events, sales, webniars and meeting with boutique buyers or owners and customers. See my wall below: I designed and create this picture frame where I can pin my important notes,  you too can try and DIY to create your own from new or vintage picture frames. Shop frames at your local department store or mom and pop shop or a Brooklyn flea market on a fabulous Sunday when you can have fun picking out items for your studio work space as well. 

Do position all key Brooklyn, NY furniture to inspire you

2. Positioning: Think about your craft your art your designs and why you are designing and for who? When I first designed my design studio in Brooklyn I wanted to position all my key furniture to inspire me so I would always enjoy working on my designer table / desk and sewing machine seen below: which allows me to have two stations at my desk - with two rolling chairs purchased in soho. And while I am on the subject of chairs - please buy the most comfortable chair you can afford: it's important because you will spend much of your time sitting on it whether it's you table or at the sewing machine. My chair seen below: is covered in a removable slip cover. Having two stations large enough to allow me to create my own jewelry designs and teach a person or a young student how to wire wrap semi-precious stones with quality wire.  I also positioned my sewing facing north, facing what I like to think the center of my fashion universe is. I do use a bit of feng shui to create good moving energy when designing my womens accessories.  When you sit at your desk or at your sewing machine and you are not good feeling it or don't have the desire to work or are having a sewing block move it... in a position you are glad to see, which makes you feel comfortable when you are sitting or sewing... Positioning is everything in your work space and also in your fashion life. Anything that makes you feel wonderful interchanging your energy to your designs and products to the end user, your customers will provide a feeling of love if you intend to sell your handmade goods to the public. 

  • Positioning your work station, desk or sewing machine table: think comfort always:  measure your work space for the perfect size and shop local for a vintage or new lamp to give you good light to see all your projects.

Measure your space for the perfect table

Sewing machine table: think comfort always*  
It's important to enjoy your work studio space-artist as seen here Barbara Campbell sewing her handbags.

  • If you plan to sew your handmade items whether handbags or clothing you will need a permanent place for your heavy machinery to be stationed in a stable place think the conner of a room or a space where it won't be in the way of your foot traffic.

Don't forget to place your fabulous material (Barbara Campbell) loves a wide table
- easy to spread your fabrics and breads

  • Emerging independent fashion or accessories designer, here is my large cutting table I use it to cut and layout my patterns for production of my small leather goods of handbags, wallets, clutches,  purses  and most recently apparel all made in my studio in Park Slope Brooklyn, NYC 11215. 

3. Preparing: Here are some local store locations where to shop: 

Don't Forget... Sunday Brooklyn Accessories #Classes are in secession - DIY: Design your own live/work space-how to create a simple design room with (me) Barbara Campbell. To Sign-Up for my up-coming classes sign-up here or leave me a note. I hope today's article blog post was helpful, any questions email me at

*So preparing your new fashion artist studio, are you excited?  I am for you!!! This should be fun, send me pictures of your finished artist studio and live/work building projects and I will post to my readers here on my blog - good luck, don't forget to email me at:

Hope to here from you soon, take care and live fashion, art and craft! 

From, your local indie emering independent accessories jewelry, handbag resident designer Barbara
Campbell @ Http:// 

xoxo (hugs)

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