Brooklyn Jewelry Designer Studio Travels - Opening Up, Barbara Campbell Gives A Sneak Peek to Her Plan Week + Weekend in her Park Slope, Brooklyn Artist Work Space Studio - Designing Custom-Made Handbags

Just before Friday,  I sit and think... and plan my week + my weekend, just before walking over to my design studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I like to think about my friends, fans and customers - what they may need, and what supplies I should buy to create an awesome cool item for them. The women in my life are very special,  they like to be on trend, look fabulous + they are all unique and they just love when I have made a design just for them... and this month on my designer calendar there's an up-coming birthday - and guess what!!! I am making a custom-made signature handbag designed for a cool girl: a clutch bag in soft black leather, gold hardware with a zipper, finished with a locally printed fabric lining. My readers, will you walk with me to my design studio and let me show you how I get started.

Thank you for visiting me and my designs inside the studio:) where I design unique one-of-a-kind women fashion accessories. Today inside the studio and always: I start all my designs with a crayola color red pencil and a transparent ruler which happens to be my favorite; which I have owned since attending college at FIT for fashion design: specializing in tailoring - girls this is my life and I love it!!! What I love much more is creating this pattern design for you.  In this photo seen above: I am measuring and designing a small leather goods bag that can carry and hold your iphone, keys and make-up! Girls need space for beauty care! See me below as I start to layer my materials in place for me to sew using a portable sewing machine with a size 16 needle - that's because I am working with leather and for details I added a black cotton thread. 

In this custom-made clutch handbag project, I am working with my favorite portable sewing machine, I own several different styles which allows me to create and work with many unique materials locally made and international. See me below I am working from my designer desk which I had hand painted in an antique white.  It's a bit hot in the studio - so I am drinking lots of spring water to stay cool + it's also good for you while you are working and sewing. Please note when and if you ever attempt to sew your own projects please don't have any liquids near your sewing machine it may spill and damage your materials:) I learned from experience:( but back to focusing on this amazing bag! I will finish and ship to a tv personality birthday girl seen two pictures below: 

Here's my finished custom-made clutch handbag project: handmade zipper, soft leather - lined clutch bag made-to-order custom-made for the birthday girl!!! I hope she loves it and I hope you too!

Only if you are wondering, if I design for other people,  I do... All my clutch bag styles can be customized and made just for you!  See below are many different colors you can select from,  making your unique design personal or a gift item for a loved one! This Mothers day I have received lots of orders and requests to design my clutch bags with an adjustable strap - and you know what...  you got it,  I can make it for you. When you send me an email to: let me know the length you need and how wide you would like it! At the end of my day it's about customer service and I love nothing more to keep all the women in my life and circle happy with a smile being there fabulous self! If it's your birthday,  Happy Birthday!!!

Here's the birthday girl!!! seen on Twitter from reality star of Style Network Gets 'Wicked Fit' — P.S. Check out the show...   The transformational reality docu-series that follows former beauty queen Katie Boyd at her women-only boutique gym. Read more...