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By Ashely B

Fashionistas are constantly looking for intrigue to supplement their look,
It’s not about following the latest trend, and it’s about developing one with an innovative edge. Many times it is just one special piece that can change a look, or even create a new trend or fashion statement.

On any day, walking the streets of New York I am presented with a collage of clothing, which has been my palette to coordinate my own style. Recently it has become harder to be inspired; so much of what is seen today is boring and repetitive.

Because of this I constantly find myself defaulting to black on black or my “go to uniform” if you will. So if even in New York the old is new; where then do we fashionistas go to be inspired? To fulfill our sense of art and intrigue to “get our groove?”

That’s when I discovered the accessory. I could wear what was being recycled clothing wise but be new and fresh with what I accessorized with it. Upon my newfound discovery I became voracious for the perfect bling. I found a few pieces along the streets in my Nolita neighborhood, and that was the link to my newfound friendship with Barbara. We got to speaking about our passion for jewelry, and she gave me her information to check out her own line, which to be honest I was unsure I’d find what I was looking for. However, once I looked at her site I realized that starved trendsetters such as myself needed to be aware of her unique, fresh and undoubtedly original designs. Each piece is handcrafted, and no two pieces are alike. Another aspect that we fashionistas love to know: that we are setting a new trend, and yet no one will have the exact one (i.e. H&M’s ability to make everyone a cookie out of the same cutter). So for now we may have to turn to our old faithful uniform in the clothing department, but our choices of icing are fresher and more decadent than ever.

Barbara and I met in the LES yesterday to chat about our newfound mutual passion. Once I put on her simple and elegant pieces I immediately changed my boring black into a chic look that added the perfect amount of class and sophistication to contrast with the graffiti licked walls and cracked up pavement in this up and coming neighborhood. While walking we happened upon September Wines, one of our favorite wine shops in the city. We found it to be the perfect place to capture the unique and refined essence of this particular line in Barbara’s collection. As we continued on our adventure we stopped into eccentric fabric stores, and our favorite eclectic vintage shop. As we entered, Johnny Cash blaring in the muggy August wind. I was immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia; I was a little girl again in the midst of mothballs and mother of pearls hidden in my granny’s closet. I tried on haute couture dresses and fur cropped coats, and despite the classic looks of each outfit I tried, the originality of the jewelry gave me a sense of a fresh new look that my nostalgic side had no recollection of seeing thus far.

We decided to end our day at The Meatball Shop: one of the best spots to see and be seen, not to mention some of the best meatballs in town.
Both of us felt the rock glam necklaces and bracelets were much more apropos to our setting. Within just a few minutes I had completely transformed my look, no changing room necessary. So to all our fellow trendsetters, fashionistas, and go gettHERs we can surely have it all, and once again set the trend, be original, and even have an hour to spare to have our meatballs and eat them too!

Thank you to our retailer:
September Wines & Spirites http://www.septemberwines.coms/
The Meat Ball Shop

Dress by: David Owens Vintage Clothing 212-677-3301
Jewelry by: Barbara Campbell

On Location photos: Look Book


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